What is the Christian Independent?

Welcome to my website! This domain is an outgrowth of a personal journey from the fundamentalist extreme right (where the world is always about to end) to what I feel is an independent position that tends to be in the center on most issues. That’s not to say I don’t have a bias – everyone, whether they’ll admit it or not, has a bias. Philosophically, I am a theistic humanist, religiously, a Christian, and politically, a moderate. I owe no allegiance to any political party or Christian denomination. I am trying to develop a lifestyle of hearing all sides and, as much as it is possible, to evaluate fairly the varying perspectives on any given issue. Sometimes I side with the conservatives, sometimes with the liberals, and sometimes with neither. And that goes for politics and religion. I want this website to be a place of frank and honest discussion where all viewpoints are treated fairly, no matter how vehemently we disagree. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong or when Christians in general are, or have been, wrong about something and I freely confess that I don’t know everything. I am a student of God’s world just like anyone else who comes across this site and it is my hope only to be able to critically evaluate and objectively analyze topics pertinent to our day and age.

The commentary found here will mainly focus on issues of the day, lessons learned from history, personal thoughts, and principles of growth for life and relationships. As I noted earlier, I am a Christian and will evaluate issues both political and religious from what I call the “independent Christian” viewpoint. This is not a bible-thumping website, but a place for open discussion. The Christian Independent view is one that works within the framework that Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, is risen, and coming again, yet remains independent in analysis such that it owes allegiance to no denomination, group, or particular creed or confession (save the universally accepted Apostles Creed). This is not say I don’t have a theology or method of evaluating politics and society, but only that I choose to be an independent thinker in that I will not be defined by one group’s particular philosophy or approach. I don’t fit any one system, so it would be useless to waste my time ascribing to and defending one. I seek to make up my own mind and be personally responsible for what I think and believe on all issues. At times, you will agree with me, and, at times, you will disagree. I wish only that the spirit of the debate will be conducted with kindness, humility, and a willingness to be open to learning others’ perspectives.

Jordan Alexander Madison


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