Our Loving God (Part 02) – God’s Pursuing Heart

Have you ever seen a parent who is frantically searching for a child after they realize he or she is not there?  Perhaps you’ve been that parent?  I scared the life out of my mom when I was a little kid.  We were in a large department store and my grandpa was supposed to be watching me.  Well, I thought it would be really cool to hide in the middle of one of those circle racks so that grandpa couldn’t find me.  Well, it worked!  And it nearly succeeded in giving my mother a heart attack in her mid twenties!  There’s nothing I’m told that can compare to the terror of those few moments.  There’s nothing that could possibly be more important than finding that precious child safe and sound.  There is no obstacle too large that it cannot be overcome in the pursuit of that child.  And this is how we human beings react if we have lost someone as precious to us as a child.  Can you imagine how God feels about those of us who “get lost” in our selfishness and destructive ways?  He “panics” with holy fervor until he brings the very last lost one back to safety. Continue reading