About the Christian Independent

Welcome to the Christian Independent!

My name is Jordan Alexander Madison (Jordan or Jordan Alex, for short) and I am the sole author of this blog.  I am a 31 year-old, single white male whose day-dreaming serves as a great inspiration to many an idea and also as a distraction from putting them down on paper!  I love to read and write an d this blog is the product of the learning I have done so far in my own Christian and life journey.  The articles posted are not meant to be perfect or to answer all questions, nor are my views on any subject immutable, as I’m sure, with further growth, my ideas and positions will evolve.  I merely offer my thoughts on subjects that I think are important, some quite passionate, others more intellectual, and still many that are rather personal.  I am a recovering fundamentalist who has trekked a great distance out of that gloomy valley over the years.  I consider myself a progressive, emergent Christian who enjoys abstract labels such as post-evangelical and post-fundamentalist (thank you, Brian McLaren).  I am on a perpetual search to understand, contemplate, enjoy, love, and worship the wonderful God who created me as revealed in Jesus Christ.  My educational achievements are a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion from Liberty University and a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Walden University.  I’m currently engaged in doctoral studies in clinical psychology and, in the distant future, I hope to seek advanced theological education.  This blog is entitled as it is to emphasize that it is at once Christian and yet Independent in that it is not tied to one theological tradition or denomination.  The independent part also emerges from the fact that I once believed and did everything that my spiritual leaders told me to believe and do and that now I wish to assert my own independence as an individual human being who is a critical thinker and whose free will, intellect, and emotions are a result of being made in the image of God.  I have lived in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.  I currently reside in Concord, NC but will always call Milford, CT my home.  Feel free to leave me some love on this site and I welcome your encouragement as well as critique in any comments you wish to make on the blog.


Jordan <><


5 thoughts on “About the Christian Independent

  1. Very well written and thought out statements Herr Writer. I sincerely believe your words will find the hearts that need them most. Thank you for your posts and wonderful insight.

    • Benj this was a very insightful post. It taught me life-changing truths that I will carry with me for many years…LOL. How are you man? How’s Cori? I miss you guys but may be up there soon!

    • Hi Fr! Sorry for my late reply, but I have been caught up in my doctoral studies and have not been able to maintain my blog as often as I wish. Right now I am in a state of limbo. I have suspended by judgment about the faith more generally until I get a firm grasp of what I think the original Christian message was. Some reading I’ve done on preterism lately has given me new eyes regarding the New Testament and has situated its message in the first century which has been my goal and takes me a step closer to where I’m trying to go. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share! Thanks for commenting…Jordan Alex:)

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