The Mind of the Christian Independent (Part 02) – Rubric for Truth

The previous post under this title is the basic framework for what I call the Christian Independent position.  The “independent” comes from the fact that I do not identify with any particular denomination or theology as of this moment in time (not that I don’t have theological beliefs, it’s just that I don’t identify with any major system).  It also represents the fact that I will never allow myself to be told what the “truth” is by any person, denomination, or group and expected to accept it as such simply because “they said so” or because they can point to bible verses they purport “prove” their position to be true.  It is in this independent-minded spirit that I claim the label.  I think for myself and if there is one thing I have learned in this whole process it’s Continue reading


The Mind of the Christian Independent (Part 01) – Overall Philosophy

According to the site statistics Word Press affords me as the administrator of this weblog, I have noticed a steady increase of interest in my writings. More people are viewing this site than ever before, which is really exciting! The most popular post in the past six months has been this one, where I explained the basic reasons I could no longer identify myself as an evangelical Christian. For those of you reading this blog who believe that evangelical Christians are the only true Christians, I presume your opinion to be that I have fallen away from my faith (and it would be the only logical deduction from your perspective). Nothing could be further from the truth, however. While that blog gave a rough sketch of what I no longer am, it did not set forth what I have become in the faith. I had promised at the inauguration of this blog to expound more clearly on what my personal position encompasses and so, with the recent increase in the number of visitors to this site, I feel that now would be an opportune moment to fulfill that promise. I would like to spell out as succinctly as possible in two articles what I mean when I say that I am a Christian Independent so that you, my readers, will be aware of [1] my personal philosophy and [2] the way I approach the pursuit of truth. Continue reading