Happily Ever After

This series is about the doctrine of universal reconciliation, otherwise known as Christian Universalism. This is not the “all paths lead to God” view that is popular in today’s culture, but the confident conviction that God will reconcile eventually all people to His loving heart through the Person of Jesus Christ. After a personal story for an introduction that documents my journey from a position of hell, fire, and brimstone to one bursting with the passionate love of God for all who are created in His image, a series of dialogues between two fictional cousins, Jared and Tyler Duncan, provide the setting for the discussion and debate of this fascinating and possibly life-changing topic. Each conversation between Jared and Tyler (and sometimes others) focuses on one particular angle of the issue. As the dialogue progresses, Tyler, who had been gripped by terrible fear over the death of his “unsaved” grandfather, begins to experience hope as his view of God changes from He who is savior of a few to He who is savior of all! This series is meant both to inspire you and challenge you to wrestle with this difficult, yet pertinent subject.

Part 01 – My Journey out of Hell

Part 02 – The Philosophical Argument for Universalism

Part 03 – The Biblical Argument for Universalism:  Old Testament

Part 04 – The Biblical Argument for Universalism: New Testament


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